About Us

About Us

Overnight Solutions, Inc. (OSI – Houston) are international freight forwarders, specializing in the transport of air and ocean freight to and from anywhere in the world. We provide a focused comprehensive service (inland freight at origin- air or ocean freight-custom-inland freight at destination) with focus and vertical specialization handling cargo To/From Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia, Peru and the Southern Cone of South America.

  • Support our clients in reaching their business objectives
  • Offer our customers personalized service
  • Ensure client cargo arrives safely and on time to destinations
  • Operate at predictable costs and within transit times aligning to urgency

Position Overnight Solutions, Inc. and Oversol, C.A., as a leading international cargo company, maintaining a first class service which exceeds Client expectations.

Always Add Value

Simply said, OSI strives to add value to our clients and support them in meeting their business objectives. We understand that by helping our clients reach their goals and be the best, OSI can benefit. (“A rising tide raises all ships!”)

Business Ethics

OSI is TRACE Certified to ensure transparency.

All quotes are clear and simple to understand (no surprises!).

OSI works in a collaborative manner with Clients to optimize operational terms, commercial terms, and safety.

Care for Clients

C ommitment to providing outstanding personalized services.

A vailability 24/7 to ensure delivery of OSI Clients objectives.

R elationships built upon mutual trust, respect, and consistent performance.

E xecution that is flawless and aligned with Client’s operational expectations.

Diversity and Inclusion

This Core value is deeply rooted in OSI. It strengthens OSI’s competitive edge, making us better able and more resilient to navigate an ever complex and constantly changing business world. We are open to having new or unique conversations.

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