Personalized Services

Our experts are available to help you in two languages (English and Spanish) to better assist and serve you with booking your cargo, arranging pick-up, and packing and scheduling the shipment to its final destination.

OSI will adapt and create a work model tailored to your individual needs to ensure you are receiving the best service. OSI strives to be the best possible shipping and freight forwarder for cargo To/From Latin America, Europe and Asia when emergency shipping is required, for cargo that needs to arrive at its destination as quick as possible (Hot-Shot).


OSI proudly designs and implements individually tailored strategies to consolidate Air or Ocean cargo so as to ensure optimum results for its clients. OSI can also warehouse cargo in order to align shipment dates to its clients' project work schedule.

  • Domestic and international logistics solutions. We have over 50 years of experience designing and implementing international logistics programs and supporting Project and Operations in countries such as USA, Venezuela, Peru, Canada, Egypt, Russia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Mexico, Algeria, and others.
  • Our worldwide network is at your disposal. We are ready and eager to engage early on with you in the planning stages to ensure our logistics programs are optimal for and aligned with your Our expert advice is tailored for you and supported by custom logistics programs designed to best implement your business solutions.
  • We are always ready and eager to assist you in handling transhipment services for your cargo. We are your partner and will assist you in the preparation of documentation required by customs, banks, insurance companies, and suppliers, as well in the course of any negotiations for the same.
  • We have extensive experience handling break bulk cargo and project cargo, including oversized and heavy equipment.
  • We coordinate delivery and temporary storage of goods to ensure lead times and shipments are aligned with your project schedule.
  • Tailored solutions to move your cargo quickly, safely and efficiently. We have agreements with both inland and international carriers allowing us to provide best possible terms for your cargo and let you know which works best you.
  • We have trucking services in every major market. You share your requirements and priorities and we make it happen.
  • OSI also oversee drayage activities to ensure are performed safely and efficiently.
  • Immediate responses, simple quotes, no surprises. All you need to give us is your cargo description and its weight and dimensions. We will then provide you with an immediate quote.
  • Customs clearance services.  We provide these in the USA for your import and/or export needs and can act as your agent to facilitate the process.
  • “Door to Door” We can even manage the customs process at your cargo’s destination if required.
  • Competitive Rates. We find the most competitive cargo insurance rates to give you peace of mind and protect your business.
  • Bespoke Insurance. Unique and special cargo? We are happy to arrange insurance consultants to discuss how to ensure your project and cargo’s journey.
  • Your needs first. We work in alignment with you to best design and implement vertically integrated logistics programs to handle care of your cargo from origin to final destination.
  • You’re involved every step of the way. Transparency and control are the norm and our clients all receive daily progress reports regarding their cargo.
  • We have it covered. Whether it’s project cargo, out-of-gauge, heavy and oversized or even haz-mat, we’re here to assist you with how your cargo should be shipped when subject to standard or special requirements.

OSI works with a network of worldwide agents to ensure we can give you superior service.

Where We Ship:

  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Zone
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Latin America
  • We ship From Anywhere in the world To Anywhere in the world.
  • We have offices in Houston, Venezuela and agents worldwide, and can ship From/To Anywhere in the World.

All-Inclusive Rates

  • OSI quotes are transparent; our cost structure is simple to understand, without surprises.
  • Communications are open and geared to help Client understand costs, including line items as destination charges.
  • Open communication always. We work hard to establish open and efficient communication with you to ensure there are no hidden surprises.

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)

  • OSI are certified as NVOCC.