OSI Message


Charles Darwin once wrote…“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to Change.” With this powerful message in mind, we begin 2018 literally writing a new Chapter in OSI Houston’s long and successful story.
As we have done since 1992 OSI Houston’s focus shall continue to be on understanding and sharing our Clients business objectives related to international logistics, being there for clients, and helping them achieve their goals. Our knowledge and focused attention shall remain available to clients through OSI’s distinct and highly regarded personalized services.
Our esteemed Clients rely on our expertise and focus to ensure their cargo moves swiftly without impact to time or cost. OSI shall remain focused on strict compliance with TSA regulatory requirements, which have created some challenges for freight forwarders and carriers alike.
On the Ocean freight front the world watched (and many suffered) the unforeseeable Hanjin bankruptcy. The global introduction of the SOLAS VGM regulations was also significant, and OSI is working with Clients as needed to support or help understand these regulations effects on client businesses.
For many years, a deeply rooted core principle in OSI culture has been Diversity and Inclusion. This principle strengthen OSI’s competitive edge, making us better able and more resilient to navigate an ever complex and constantly changing business world. We are committed to continue developing our talented and diverse workforce, by routinely challenging and thinking think beyond our traditional frames of reference.
Something that remains remarkably stable and for which we are grateful is our loyal OSI Clients base, many of which we have been working with us for over 15 years. We are proud to highlight for new Clients that OSI focuses on personalized attention and that we take interest in understanding our Clients objectives – which leads to loyalty!
On a sad note, in 2Q 2016 we lost Richard Ling, our President, our good friend, and trusted colleague. Richard’s passing was a shock for all in OSI because of its sudden nature. Richard was a key member of OSI, a visionary and a kind, strong professional. Our entire management team and Clients’ reaction was of deep sadness. All who knew him and worked with Richard shall remember him as a gentle good-hearted human being and a highly competent professional, and we shall continue his vision of a diverse reliable organization in his legacy.
We are proud of the advancements OSI has made in 2017 and eagerly welcome 2018. I speak on behalf of all of us in OSI when I say we are looking forward to working with our Clients to deliver another successful year.
Thank you all for your support.